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Resident Camp 2014

June Update

posted Jun 2, 2014, 6:36 PM by Cub Scouts Pack 22 Committee Chair

So less than 2 months until Resident Camp.  On Saturday, June 14th, our Pack will have a prep day at Lone Oak Park for the scouts to construct a pack flag and practices some skits and yells and other spirit.  

Who's got creativity?
The Camp theme this year is "Superheroes" unite...  hmm? what could we do.  Does anyone have any ideas so we might give the scouts some hints?   I can bring supplies, felt, tempura paint, leather.  Can anyone track down some bamboo poles or other sturdy support for a structure?

Another challenge all units were given is to build some type of outdoor game.  Some examples were a goal for frisbee golf or a weather-resistant checkerboard.  We would engrave "Pack 22'" on it and leave for future campers to enjoy!

There was a council presentation I attended in May that discuss many topics.  I will try to share only the info that affects attendees and parentals of attendees at our June prep day.  If you would like the full rundown, There is a video of the meeting posted online:

Very important: Get your BSA medical form: parts A, B, and C completed now!  For Twilight Camp, only A and B were needed.  Part C requires a physician review.  Annual Health and Medical Record.

Adult attendees, please make sure you have valid Youth Protection.  Couldn't hurt to have an old-fashioned printout, though I'll check with the committee chair to see if we can get a pack-wide list of who has completed the online training.

April Pack Meeting

posted Jun 2, 2014, 6:36 PM by Cub Scouts Pack 22 Committee Chair

Please be prepared to pay the balance due for 2014 Resident Camp at the April Pack Meeting - Tuesday, April 22nd.  $135 for scouts and $115 for adults (all have paid a $50 deposit).  The Pack will have more information on Pack t-shirts, which our earlier $10-$15 estimate should cover.  

After Tuesday, expect me to start bugging you for a copy of each attendees Annual Health and Medical Record.  A physician's signature on Part C is required for Resident Camp.  I will be attending a Camp orientation on May 10th, then will schedule prep days in May/June and July for the boys to do some camp preparation and adults to coordinate gear and travel.

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