Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do in Cub Scouts? Great question!  We meet both in dens (small group of boys of the same grade in school and same rank) and as a Pack (the collection of all the dens of all the ranks or ages).  We:
  • play games, do crafts, learn about different skills, languages, cultures, school subjects
  • go on outings to places like River Cats games, the planetarium, roller skating, bowling, snow day, etc.
  • earn badges, belt loops, pins, and patches
  • make friends -- not just the Scouts, but tahe parents, too!

See our Parent Handbook attached below.

How often do you meet?  When & where?
The PACK meets once a month.  It's generally the 4th Tuesday of the month.  In some months our Pack meeting is replaced by a special event (this usually happens in September, January, February, May, June, and July).  We meet from 7pm until about 8:30pm at VFW Post 4647, on U St. (Continue West on Antelope Rd past Watt Ave.) in Antelope unless noted in the Pack Calendar online at our website.
Dens meet 1 - 3 times per month, depending on the rank and what the individual den decides.   Where and when they meet is also determined by the den members.  Some dens meet in the leader's home, others rotate between the families of the den, and still others meet at one of the Antelope schools, parks, or library.
How much does it cost?

When you join your dues are prorated based on the month you join. Dues pay the program and awards for your scout from January to December and are a combination of National Dues $24, Pack Dues $60, and Boys Life Magazine Subscription $12 (optional)  So if you get Boy's Life Magazine your dues for a year are $96 and without they are $84.  We offer a sibling discount, so be sure to ask.  In the Fall, we begin collecting "Recharter Dues" which is simply your annual dues for next year.

National Dues are the funds used for keeping your scouts records and providing him membership in Boy Scouts of America. 

Pack Dues pay for the scouting program provided by the Pack, awards, leader training, rental facilities, etc.

Boy's Life Magazine Subscription is a magazine that supports the scouting program and comes in the mail to your scout each month.

Are there scholarships? 
We don't want any boy to be left out of Scouting for financial reasons.  If you want to be a part of our Pack, but cannot do it financially, please talk to your den leader.  He or she can recommend you for a scholarship.  We do ask that those we sponsor make an extra effort to volunteer and help the Pack.
Do they need uniforms?
Yes, they are required to wear a uniform.  This can be purchased online at or at the River City Scout Store (251 Commerce Circle, Sacramento, at the Golden Empire Council building -- map), at a thrift shop, or can be handed down from a friend or borrowed from the "uniform closet" we are putting together.  If you have a uniform or parts you do not want we encourage you to donate them to the "Uniform Closet" for another scout who might need it.
What do you require from Parents?
Cub Scouting is definitely a family adventure.  Many of the requirements for achieving ranks are done at home, with the family.  All activities are open to parents, and almost all are open to the entire family, including younger and older siblings.  Parents are expected to be active partners to their children.  Scouting is NOT a babysitting service.  Tiger Cubs REQUIRE that a parent be present with their child for all meetings and activities.  Other activities require a parent to be present with their Cub Scout of any rank.  Our goal is two-fold: to inspire the Scout to be a better person and to inspire the family to be a closer family!
It is important to remember that this is a VOLUNTEER organization.  None of us are paid for the jobs we do in Scouting, and, in fact, we all have jobs and families just like you do, which limit the time we have available for Scouts.  So, it is critical that ALL parents volunteer to the extent that they can.  We have volunteer positions that require very little work, and others that are a major commitment.  We have work you can volunteer for that just involves making phone calls or running errands during the day.  The point is:  there is something for EVERYONE to do and everyone is needed for something! 
 How do I sign up? First of all, click HERE for a Youth Application, and HERE for an adult application.   Call the Committee Chair or Cubmaster from the leader roster for further information or to join!
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