Much has happened since we last spoke!

posted Nov 10, 2015, 12:59 PM by Rodney Sparks   [ updated Nov 11, 2015, 10:10 AM ]
Hello, families and friends of Pack 22!  It's been a busy year, and everyone has been doing great things.  Our pack has grown slightly, parent involvement is at an all-time high, and most importantly, the scouts are growing and learning as fast as ever!

Sacramento Musical Theatre Visit, 9/18/2014
In each den, we routinely go on field trips to businesses, government agencies, etc. in the community to learn how these facilities work.  That den usually extends an offer to the other dens for those scouts to join in, so all of the scouts can benefit.  In September of 2014, one of the dens organized a trip to the Sacramento Musical Theatre, and many other scouts visited as well.  As you can see below, fun was had by all!

Pack Meeting, 9/23/2014

Each month, we hold a pack meeting, where awards are handed out, rank advancements are presented, and pack business is taken care of.  
Here, we see Mr. Kramer and Mr. Bernardi, ever the dynamic duo, presenting a
Tiger Cub Scout with his Bobcat rank.
 Den 3 Bears, receiving belt loops and other awards for achievements.
 The Webelos I and II dens, receiving awards for achievements.
 Den 5 Tigers, receiving awards for achievements.

Halloween Pack Meeting, October 2014

During the October pack meeting, we hold our normal Pack Meeting, with a twist:  We dress up in our Halloween costumes, each den brings a game to contribute, and we have a carnival!  The scouts had a blast last year, as did the parents and leaders.

Half of our group sitting, well-behaved, through the normal Pack Meeting in anticipation of candy and games. 
Den 1 Webelos II scouts, receiving awards. 
Den 3 Bears receiving awards.  
Den 2 Tigers receiving awards.  
Den 5 Wolves (Wolf?) receiving his award.  The den only had 2 scouts at this point... it has since grown! 
It's party time! 
Games of skill abound!  This is a bean bag toss...
...and this is what the bean bag is being tossed at!  Your wild-eyed, blue-haired, disco-hippie webmaster!

Kids making faces at their dad, the photographer.
Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has arrived. 
What exquisite technique!  What perfect follow-through!  
One of the scout siblings about to make a basket! 

Other 2014-2015 Highlights

Scouts and leaders being recognized for attending the 2014 Eternal Flame Weekend.  This is a campout, activity fair, and ceremony held by our district, Pioneer Express, each year.  The ceremony consists of a respectful retirement of used and damaged American flags through incineration in a fire pit.  The scouts get to have fun, learn new things, and discover the great feeling of showing heartfelt respect through ceremony.  The scouts were definitely very receptive and rose to the occasion!

Weighing in cars prior to the 2015 Pinewood Derby
Cars entered in the 2015 Pinewood Derby
Cars entered in the 2015 Pinewood Derby

Cars entered into the 2015 Pinewood Derby

A really wiggly looking 2015 Pinewood Derby car!

 Mr. Anderson helping a scout and his sister with their Pinewood Derby cars

 We had some really creative cars this year!

More 2015 news to come!